What's Up?

hello, all... At this page, you can learn a little bit about the founders of the business
"Geek Girls at Heart."

You can also check out our local events here, and find our e-mail address so you can e-mail any of us. We'd love to hear from you. Perhaps in the future, we will have Blog to follow.

"Z" (aka Suzy Goodwin) and Frankie Vanity are best of friends, and have been since elementary school days. We've always had a passion for... CRAZY things. We are absolutely obsessed with art. We love to paint, sketch, visit gallery shows, and large museums. So through the year, we've kept close to art, fun and geekiness.

"Z" received a BA in Fine Art, and worked as a Graphic Designer right out of college, and throughout the years. She's painting, and doing digital art now, in the hopes to becoming a full-time artist, perhaps a freelance illustrator for Children's books and young fiction cover designs.

Frankie is the "Romantic" type. She is also a great seamstress and works in costuming locally. She doodles crazy art, works with mixed media, likes to try new things, is a writer and blogger, and loves to keep young at heart.


ETSY!!! WE ARE UP! on Etsy site. Veiw our Etsy site and our itmes on sale now. Click on the Special Events skull in the left column for a link to our Etsy site. Super savings and great items. Halloween theme up now.

We Often have a booth at art events in California. Keep up
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